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Photo Pantanal

Photo Pantanal is a showcase for 240-plus color photos spread over 112 pages, making this book the best photographic representation of the Pantanal on the market today. Photo Pantanal covers all aspects of the area including wildlife, people, and history. Here is a book that is a must for anyone having visited or wishing to visit this remarkable habitat. Either an English or Portuguese edition is available. Copies can be acquired for $24.00 plus $4.00 shipping in the United States. International requests are $25.00 plus approximately $8.00 shipping postal air.

"A much needed introduction to one of the world's grand ecosystems. The Pantanal offers extraordinary viewing of neotropical wildlife in general and the best bird watching I ever experienced. Read. Enjoy. And do yourself another favor: Go!"

-Douglas H. Chadwick,
Frequent Contributor to National Geographic

Mount Reynolds, The Story

Mt. Reynolds can be considered the geographical center of Glacier National Park. Anyone visiting the Logan Pass area cannot help but be in awe of its beauty. This book along with beautiful photographic coverage provides all the facts for one of Glacier’s many-storied mountains. $5.00 plus shipping.

Birds of the Northern Rockies

Birds of the Northern Rockies features over 170 of the avian species found from the Canadian Rockies south to the Tetons of Wyoming. The accompanying text for each photographic image of the bird is full of field identification notes and interesting facts. $12.00 plus shipping.

Once Upon a Frame

One hundred of Tom Ulrich's favorite photos are featured. Come behind the scenes to find out what it took to capture some great photography. Any photographer will be captivated for hours as locations, lenses, and time spent are covered. Signed copies can be acquired for $24.00 (Paperback) and $29.00 (Hardback) plus $4.00 shipping in the United States.

"In his search for wildlife, Tom Ulrich has sought out some of the world's most remote areas. From these travles, he has provided delightful narrations that not only detail those searches, but that provide insights into the species and into the artistic technique. But more significantly, Ulrich has trumped those vignettes with enduring wildlife portraits that range from humor to magnificent documentations of behavior. I for one will treasure this little gem and hope the inevitable accolades will result in more."

-Bert Gildart,
Writer and Photographer

Mammals of the Northern Rockies

Mammals of the Northern Rockies is more than the typical field guide. This book is geared toward being a visual record, so often times, three, six, ten, or even eleven photos are used to supplement the printed natural history. It is with hope some of these photos will clarify a wildlife experience which may have posed a question for you in the past. $12.00 plus shipping.

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